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Use the form on this page. To apply, whatever value of NFT can be apply.


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Simply confirm the lending agreement and your loan will be listing on LEND2

  • Zero Risk Guarantee

    Liquidates the NFT collateral from the smart contract if borrower fails to repay

  • Borrow In StableCoin

    Take out an NFT-backed credit in stablecoins depending on your use case.

  • Instant Start Loans

    Start a loan instantly with borrower-specified terms.

  • 0% Fees For Borrower

    Terms are fixed between lender & a borrower. Borrower pay 0 fees.

  • Secure & Double-Audited

    All core smart contracts have been double-audited by ChainSecurity

  • No Auto-Liquidations

    Every loan is facilitated in a peer-to-peer manner under fixed terms

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