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P2P Loan Protocol. For NFTs

Start loan instantly with borrower-specified terms. Receive principal plus the interest in your wallet


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LEND2 enables NFT holders to borrow stablecoins using their NFTs as collateral.
  • 1

    Explore NFTs & collections and offer loan

    View all listed NFTs & collections that are currently seeking out loan offers. Make custom offers or accept desired loan terms from the borrower.

  • 2

    Borrower accepts your loan offer

    When your loan offer is accepted, your principal is sent to the borrower. The NFT is put in a secure escrow smart contract for the duration of the loan.

  • 3

    Get Paid & Earn Interest

    When the borrower repays the loan, you will automatically receive your principal plus the interest in your wallet!


Free USDT Campaign

Engage in missions or participate in lending to accumulate LXToken and redeem free USDT that payouts daily


get LXToken

Unlock LEND2's full potential by earning RX Tokens through missions, borrowings, or lending activities.


Get USDT Reward

Hold LXToken to receive daily rewards in the form of free USDT TRC-20 at 1:00 p.m. consistently, every day.


Withdraw Anytime

After receiving the USDT reward that paid out daily, you can withdraw it to your wallet at any time


LEND2 was designed to provide the most secure and transparent way to unlock opportunities from your valuable NFTs.
  • Zero Risk Guarantee

    Liquidates the NFT collateral from the smart contract if borrower fails to repay

  • Borrow In StableCoin

    Take out an NFT-backed credit in stablecoins depending on your use case.

  • Instant Start Loans

    Start a loan instantly with borrower-specified terms.

  • 0% Fees For Borrower

    Terms are fixed between lender & a borrower. Borrower pay 0 fees.

  • Secure & Double-Audited

    All core smart contracts have been double-audited by ChainSecurity

  • No Auto-Liquidations

    Every loan is facilitated in a peer-to-peer manner under fixed terms


Quickly learn the basics by scrolling through our FAQ section.

Is LEND2 safe to use?

Does LEND2 charge a fee?

What happen when borrower failed to repay?

How to start a borrowing loan?

How to start lending?

Browse Top Collections

Browse all the top collections that are now open and waiting to accept loan offer.

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